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Level 3 diploma for the early years practitioner (early years educator) 3605-03

This book offers dedicated support for work-based learners taking the Level 3 diploma for the early years practitioner.

The book covers all mandatory and selected optional units.

Combines all the in-depth information you will need.


It is available online from around £25.

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Quinton, D. (2004) Supporting Parents: Messages from Research, Jessica Kingsley Publishers Explores the range of supports that parents find effective and how those supports might be improved or better mobilised.

Roker, D. and Coleman, J. (2007) Working with Parents of Young People: Research, Policy and Practice, Jessica Kingsley Publishers Provides guidance for a range of professionals working with parents and families, answering common questions such as 'How can parents facilitate their child's transition to secondary school?' and 'How can families best communicate about alcohol?'.

Smith, C. (1997) Developing Parenting Programmes, National Children's Bureau/Enterprises Presents the findings of a survey of group-based parenting programmes. Assesses the range of programmes available, which agencies provide them, who has access to them, and what kind of materials are used.

Utting, D., Monteiro, H. and Ghate, D. (2007) Interventions for children at risk of developing antisocial personality disorder, Policy Research Bureau Review commissioned by the Department of Health and the Prime Minister's Strategy Unit. Examines the evidence on: The Incredible Years; Triple P; Nurse-Family Partnership Programme; multisystemic therapy (MST); Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care; and Functional Family Therapy.

Wolfendale, S. and Einzig, H. (eds.) (1999) Parenting Education and Support: New Opportunities, David Fulton Publishers A collection of papers that provides an extensive overview of current thinking and practice in the area of parenting education and support and also highlights emerging ideas and directions in which practice could evolve.

Keenan, T. (eds. Jonathon Bradshaw & Emese Mayhew) (2002) An Introduction to Child Development, Sage. ISBN 0 7619 6220 4 (paperback)

The Well-being of Children in the U.K (2005), Save the Children. ISBN 1 84187 101 X

Harry Hendrick (ed.) (2005) Child Welfare & Social Policy, The Policy Press. ISBN 1 86134 566 6

Thompson, N. (2003) Promoting Equality: Challenging discrimination and Oppression, Palgrave McMillan. ISBN 0-333-99353-5

Grude Flekkoy , M. & Hever Kaufman, N. (1997 The Participation Rights of the Child: Rights and Responsibilities in Family and Society, Jessica Kinsley. ISBN 10 1-85302-490-2

Steffanson, E. with Dalzell, R. (2005) A Real Part to Play, National Children’s Bureau. ISBN 1904787 302 A resource pack for involving young people in community regeneration

Barnardos Meeting with Respect (2001). ISBN 090246 74 8. Ref.#cc420 A Practice Manual for Community Workers


European Convention on the Rights of the Child

Child Rights Information Network

Children Act 1989

National Children’s Homes


National Children’s Bureau


Euronet. The European Children’s Network

African Continent Children’s Charities (ACT)

Muslim Children’s Charities U.K.

International Falcon Movement for International Children’s Rights

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Dibb,S., Simkin,L., Pride,W. and Ferrell,O. (2000) Marketing: Concepts and Strategies 4th European edition, Abingdon, Houghton Mifflin

Baker,M.J. (1999) The Marketing Book 4th edition, Oxford, Butterworth-Heinemann

Brassington,F. & Pettitt,S. (2000) Principles of Marketing Harlow, Prentice Hall

Jamieson an, H. and Watson, M. (1998) Starting and Running a Nursery Cheltenham: Stanley Thornes

Kotler,P. (2001) Principles of Marketing 9th edition, New Jersey, Prentice Hall Journals

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Nursery Management Today

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