Funding Available

Apprenticeship – Many of the accredited programmes can be delivered through the relevant Apprenticeship Framework for those people who are employed for a minimum of 30 hours per week – with some exceptional cases i.e. playwork when a minimum of 16 hours a week would be eligible. This style of funding is available for those aged 19 – 23 (for levels 2 & 3) however people of 24+ can be funded for a level 2 only as long it is in a different sector (of any previous qualification) and do not hold a higher qualification than a level 3. There is also the possibility of employers receiving an incentive payment scheme, where the employer receives a payment of £1,500 to go towards the training and wage of the apprentice.  The apprentice must be aged between 16 – 24 to be eligible. The apprenticeship framework is at present at 2 different levels which are:
  • Level 2  (intermediate apprenticeships)
  • Level 3  (advanced apprenticeships
Advanced Learning Loans – Anybody aged 19 or over on the first day of their course, who wish to study Level 3 to 6 qualifications, can apply for an Advanced Learner Loan.

How is the loan paid back?

• You only start paying back the loan after your course has finished and when your income rises above £21,000 per year

• If you’re employed you don’t need to do anything; your employer will take your repayments off your salary, similar to tax and National Insurance deductions.

• If you stop working, or your salary goes below £21,000 your payments stop until your salary rises above £21,000 again

• Any loan remaining 30 years after you are due to start making repayments, or if you retire, will be written off