About Us

Activ8 Learning was established in 1996 to provide accessible work based training and assessment throughout York and North Yorkshire, aimed at those who found it hard to access training through colleges. Assessment and training activities are delivered at venues across York & North Yorkshire and surrounding areas, to suit the convenience of learners and employers. Activ8 Learning is located at Clifton Moor on the outskirts of York.

Our Unique Flexible Approach

All learners regardless of the level of qualification will have one to one contact with their allocated assessor with regular monthly meetings, or more regular if required, for tutorials, planning sessions, reviews, feedback and or assessments.  Each learner will be provided with a portfolio with the relevant copies of the units they are working towards.  Before learners commence the qualification an initial assessment will take place where it will be identified and confirmed on the level of qualification through the completion of a skill scan, their preferred learning style will be identified and discussions and agreements on any particular special requirement that they may need to be taken into consideration for the learning and assessment stages to take place. We also offer career guidance for every learner